Chandelier Design Trends and Advice from Lamps Plus

Chandeliers always steal the show – and today's designs continue to demand attention and invite drama to any space.
This year's top three chandelier trends from Lamps Plus also include tips on how to find the perfect size for your space.
1.       Geometric Designs
Large, open geometric chandeliers are in this year, seen in a variety of geometric shapes and styles. With clean geometric lines, bronze, brass or black finishes, and iron construction frames, these impressive chandeliers harmonize perfectly with the wood work and more earthy materials and looks of the Arts and Crafts, Farmhouse and Rustic Cottage styles. It's also easy to find geometric chandeliers that fit a more minimalistic design scheme.

2.       Orb Chandeliers
While no two are alike, what unites this popular look is an orb that typically surrounds a multi-light chandelier. Globe or orb chandeliers come in all sizes and styles, some with spheres within spheres and others with orb-shaped frames that engulf more intricate chandeliers inside. 

3.       Clear Glass Pendants
Pendants with clear glass shades are also popular this year, many of which feature minimal frames and simple, elegant designs. Add a clear glass pendant in a modern, casual-chic space, or choose a sleek look that goes perfectly with your Industrial or Rustic style home.

Finding the Perfect Size Chandelier
Even the most stunning chandelier looks out of place if it's too large or too small for the space. So how do you find the right size? It all depends on the room.
In a new guide on how to buy a chandelier, Lamps Plus experts reveal everything from how high you should hang a chandelier to how to find the right size. Here are two formulas – one for determining the width and one for height -- straight from the official guide:
Width: Room Length + Room Width = Chandelier Width (in inches).
Height: Room Height x 2.5 or 3 = Chandelier Height (in inches).
For a wide variety of chandelier styles and types, including those for dining rooms, foyers and kitchens, Lamps Plus offers a selection online. Interior designers can set up a free account with Lamps Plus Professionals for trade pricing, one-on-one advice and fast shipping.


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