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Getting Organized in 2019

Written by Sheree Jeanes and Bonnie Reich of Symmetry Closets
It’s a brand-new year, full of possibilities, new experiences, and new things.   We all love delightful new things—but when it comes to organization, that’s the issue, right?   So, how do you avoid overwhelming your storage when bringing new stuff into the home?  It’s not that hard!  Here are some practical and achievable ways to be a little lighter in 2019.

With Interior Designer Chrystal Photou, CP Interiors; Photo by Nicole Larson Photography

Closets & Clothing Establish a rule that when a new coat, shirt, or pair of shoes comes into the house, an old one must go in the give-away pile.This simple rule will keep your closets (and you) happy.The wintertime is sock-time–-go through the sock drawer. Look for those with holes or without a match, or those that never fit right, and get rid of them.Take a moment to look through your sweaters. Some are likely well-worn or ill-fitting--or haven’t made it off the shelf in years.  T…

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