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IDS in Paris: Flea Market Tour

On Sunday, September 8th, our group will experience a guided tour of the amazing Paris flea markets. With over 1,700 merchants, the market, also known as "Marche Aux Puces," is named  the largest and most-well known antique market in Paris.

To learn more about this year's IDS trip to Paris, click here.

The history behind the first antique flea market dates back to 1870. After the Franco-Prussian war, men on the streets would gather any scraps of items to sell. Known as "street grubbers," their findings were often rubbish and garbage. In 1885, the people wanted to do away with the market scene and "cleanse" the area. The merchants tried even harder to sell their items to pay for the right to keep their  spots on the streets.

After the World Wars, the area surrounding the market was purchased and developed with roads, electricity, and running water. Soon, the markets became a popular place to be. Restaurants, cafes, and bistros were built creating a scen…

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