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May Industry Partner Spotlight: Joe Calise, Sights-N-Sounds

Joe Calise, Sights-N-Sounds - Long Island, NY
We love spotlighting our designers and figured it was time to start spotlighting our industry partners as well! Our first Industry Partner Spotlight is on Joe Calise, owner of Sights-N-Sounds in Long Island, NY. Sights-N-Sounds is a home theater and entertainment company. They offer many home technology services locally and nationwide. Joe is also an integral part of the IDS Long Island Chapter, currently serving as President. Read a little more about Joe and his business here!

How does your business work with interior designers and what value do you provide to designers? Sights-N-Sounds has programs that not only make a Designer's job easier when it comes to technology, but our programs help add to the Designer's bottom line and make them look even better to their clients. Many of the questions that Sights-N-Sounds asks are not always addressed at the right time of the project.When a Living Room is being finished, something as obviou…

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