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Written by Andrew Lewis, OLIVIA RIEGEL

It is early November and the Holiday gifting season is soon to arrive, causing many undo stress and angst.  This is a timely topic to visit, not only with regard to friends and family, but also for those of us in the industry who give gifts to clients.  For some, gift-giving is an intuitive skill.  Yet, for a vast number of us, it is a skill-set that must be cultivated.  It requires an understanding of others and their interests, research, and organization.  Thoughtfulness, research, and organization culminate in the event of the gift’s presentation.  The goal here is to make others feel special, to warm hearts, and to bring smiles to faces.
Stocking up the gift closet with quality merchandise is a helpful way to achieve this goal and alleviate stress and save time during this busy season of the year.  Several questions are important here.  Is an item well designed? Does an item display quality craftsmanship? How is an item packaged?  OLIVIA RIEGEL…

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