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2018-2019 Designer of the Year: Closets

Winner: Chris McKenry, Closets by McKenry, Tennessee 

While designing the stunningly organized master closet, the home owners needs were considered as well as the craftsman style of the home. The footprint of the master bath and closet was flipped for this remodel, giving a larger bath where two small closets once were and the new master was expanded into a large 175 square foot room where the bath was located.

This area divides his haberdashery from her boutique as both husband and wife share this new large closet. The entry area is in her boutique featuring an island with hamper and jewelry drawers under a white quartz top. Above hanging garment and shelves, high cabinets are available for store out-of-season items.

The biggest challenge was a large window that occupied the overview plan in the Ladies Boutique. This space originally was the master bath and the clients did not want to remove the window to make a solid wall, which would have allowed more storage.

In the closet, gray …

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