“What About” Questions Supercharge Your Sales

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What’s a great way to boost sales in these competitive times? Ask current clients about future needs.

Ask: “What about….?”

No question leads to more sales than one with those two words.

As in: “What about the kitchen?” Or: “What about new furniture for the regional offices, too?” Or: “What about redesigning all your hotel lobbies?

Many clients have other needs. What they don’t have is knowledge that you can handle them.

They may be clueless that you also work on entertainment centers, or landscapes, or corporate offices.

Tell them when you pose those “what about” questions.

And tell them as you ask about “Phase II” of the current project. Or about upgrades.

“What abouts” work wonders.

One of the most successful window covering dealers I know is, primarily, a floor covering dealer.

When measuring for carpeting, he asks: “What about the windows?”

He sells a lot of window treatments that way.

The idea of working more with current clients brings to mind the book Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell.

It recounts the ancient tale of a Persian farmer so desperate to find diamonds that he sells his property and goes off in futile search for them.

Ultimately he spends all his money, and becomes so despondent that he drowns himself in the ocean.

Meanwhile, the man to whom he sold his home discovers a rich diamond mine — on the property.

Are there diamonds in your backyard?

Before seeking prospects for your design services, consider what else to offer your clients.

They’re the ones who know you.

They’re the ones who trust you.

They’re the ones who value you.

And they're the ones who will respond favorable to your "What about...?" questions.

Fred Berns helps interior design professionals dramatically increase sales and profits by promoting themselves more effectively. For information about his coaching, promotional copy writing, speaking programs and educational tools for designers, visit www.interiordesignbusiness.net, or contact him at 303-589-3013 or Fred@FredBerns.com.


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