Do You Matter to Those Who Matter to You?

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Do I need you?

If I’m a homeowner or a commercial office manager, do I really have to have the interior design services you offer?

In other words, are you a necessity or a frill? A “need” or just a “want?”

Should I consider you a “priority,” or just a possibility?

I posed those questions to a group of designers at a recent live speaking engagement, and oh, how they struggled with the answers!

I’m not surprised.

Interior design professionals lose a whole lot of business because they fail to address those questions in their promotional materials.

The biggest marketing mistake design pros commit? Failing to include -- on their websites and social media sites and elsewhere – the benefits they offer.

They forget to point out how they save clients time. And money. And stress. And how they enhance the value of the homes and commercial space they work on.

They forget to state how their expertise enlightens clients about what’s in, what’s out, what’s hot, what’s not, and what works.

They forget to explain how they help clients avoid the costly design disasters that plagued others.

An even more pressing question design professionals need to address: do prospects and clients need you now?

Those prospects have lots of other things they could spend their money on rather than your design services.

Take, for example, those new cars they want to buy. And those vacations they want to take. And those college tuitions they have to pay for.

So you need to convince them that now is the very best time to invest in your design services. Why? Because you can immediately help them increase their home’s resale value, avoid price increases, reduce utility costs, increase workplace productivity and profitability, etc.

We’ve talked before about that radio station that everyone you seek to influence is tuned to all the time. The station is WII-FM, as in What’s in it for me? 

You need to make it clear that’s what’s in it for them is a vital, valuable service provided by a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind design professional.

Again do I need you—and, if so, do I need you now?

How well you answer those questions will determine if you eat steak or canned spam in coming months.

Fred Berns helps interior design professionals dramatically increase sales and profits by promoting themselves more effectively. For information about his coaching, promotional copy writing, speaking programs and educational tools for designers, visit, or contact him at 303-589-3013 or


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