Industry Partner Spotlight: Lynn Landry, Simple Delivery Company, LLC

Lynn Landry, Simple Delivery Company, LLC - Las Vegas, NV

Meet Lynn Landry of Simply Delivery Company, LLC. They are a family owned company with extensive backgrounds in the logistics, customer service, furniture, and delivery industries. Lynn is also an integral part of the IDS Las Vegas chapter, currently serving as Treasurer. Read a little more about Lynn and her business here!

How does your business work with interior designers and what value do you provide to designers?
The value we provide to our designers is our attention to detail. From start to finish the designer and their client is our focus. That means when receiving we have the pieces inspected and the designer informed immediately with the good news! We take photos if there are any problems and are glad to help with the claims process if needed. 

During installs we come prepared with all the tools and extras to get the job done and done right, no shortcuts. Our employees are clean, friendly, well mannered and ready to get the job done as unobtrusively, quickly and efficiently as possible. When extra touches are needed, whether it’s cleaning glass, felt pads on furniture, a light bulb or extension cord, we’ve got it covered. 

The client’s furniture will always be clean, set up properly and ready to use before we leave. Without exception we are here to make our designers look good. It is the reason Simple Delivery Company exists!

Have interior designers always been a big focus for your business? If not, when did you shift to start working with designers more, and what inspired that shift?
After years of working in the delivery industry and seeing just how lacking it had become both in terms of customer service and the attention to detail interior designers need and should expect, we decided to do it ourselves with the interior designer as our focus. 

How long have you been an IDS member and why did you join?
We joined IDS before opening our business. Seeing the need for a delivery company for designers and previously knowing several designers already in IDS, it was the obvious choice.

What has been the most valuable part of your IDS membership?
Networking of course, but it’s also been the wonderful friends we’ve made along the way! It has also been the opportunities we’ve found to help in our community, which is something we absolutely love and feel called to do.

What is your favorite part about working in the design industry?
We love the new, the old, the mix and most of all the completion… We love helping see a designers project through from start to finish. We love that when we leave, the client sees their beautiful space completed and ready to live their best, most comfortable life in!

What practices have you felt most beneficial right now to keep business moving?
Flexibility, attentiveness and willingness to get the job done the way the designer needs. Providing extras the designer may not have anticipated, as mentioned above; making sure all glass is clean, furniture is clean of dust, felt pads for feet, minor repairs/touch ups on items already in the home that may need a little refresh, and things like cord wraps, extension cords and lightbulbs. All of these things make a big difference in the end and help us toward our goal of making the designer look good.

What’s been your career highlight to date?
Hands down, IDS winning the National Award for their work on Veteran’s Village. It is by far the best thing we’ve done and in our opinion affected the most change and helped more people than any other charity work we’ve done. We are extraordinarily proud of that project and have continued our relationship with Veteran’s Village since completion.


  1. Julie Porter AssociatesJuly 29, 2020 at 12:37 PM

    I would like to add that Simple Delivery is by far the best receiving/inspection/delivery/setup service I have ever used in my 33 years in business. They make us look so good. I have used other services in other cities across the country, and If there was a class that a receiving/delivery service could take, I would send them to The Lynn and Jon school of a properly run business. Thank you Simple Delivery for you outstanding service and generosity with our charity work in Las Vegas. You are truly appreciated and loved by so many.


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