May Industry Partner Spotlight: Joe Calise, Sights-N-Sounds

Joe Calise, Sights-N-Sounds - Long Island, NY

We love spotlighting our designers and figured it was time to start spotlighting our industry partners as well! Our first Industry Partner Spotlight is on Joe Calise, owner of Sights-N-Sounds in Long Island, NY. Sights-N-Sounds is a home theater and entertainment company. They offer many home technology services locally and nationwide. Joe is also an integral part of the IDS Long Island Chapter, currently serving as President. Read a little more about Joe and his business here!

How does your business work with interior designers and what value do you provide to designers?
Sights-N-Sounds has programs that not only make a Designer's job easier when it comes to technology, but our programs help add to the Designer's bottom line and make them look even better to their clients. Many of the questions that Sights-N-Sounds asks are not always addressed at the right time of the project.  When a Living Room is being finished, something as obvious as wifi signal can be overlooked because perhaps that old room has not been used for years!  Maybe the client would like some background audio in that room, and once the room is complete, our design friendly options become harder to incorporate.  Just like a Designer, the earlier we are involved in a project, the better the final outcome!

Have interior designers always been a big focus for your business? If not, when did you shift to start working with designers more, and what inspired that shift?
YES!  However, we have recognized that Designers are also a tough group to penetrate!  For one, our product offerings have been more Designer focused.  No longer is technology something that needs to be seen, or something ugly in a room.  Many of our products are built and offered with the Designer in mind.  Secondly, and most importantly IDS has been what inspired our shift. 

How long have you been an IDS member and why did you join?
Sights-N-Sounds has been a member for over 7 years now.  I joined with the influence of the great Nancy Ganzekaufer.  Her passion for working with Designers was a true inspiration for me, and then all of the other wonderful things IDS does for our communities was ultimately when I knew I was with the right organization.

What has been the most valuable part of your IDS membership?
I have said this before, the friendships that I have formed as a result from IDS are immeasurable.  We love working with IDS members.  There have been times when we do a charitable project, and we all disagree, but then we all come together for ultimately what is best for that project.

What is your favorite part about working in the design industry?
I love seeing the creativity and the passion for the client.  In what we do, we always love to see the clients get excited when we provide them a simple technology solution for watching TV, or listening to their favorite music, or controlling their smart home.  When I see our offerings mixed in with the Designers vision, the client’s reaction is what gets us every time.  We love to see the excitement!

What practices have you felt most beneficial right now to keep business moving?
Communication.  We keep in touch with our clients, check on them, see how they are doing, etc.  We want to make sure they know we are here, we are strong, and we will be here during and after this is all over.  We have grown our company over the past few years with a strong focus on remote access, troubleshooting and repair.  This has paid off for us, and our clients immensely.  In some cases, we have had our clients reach out to the Designers to thank them for introducing us to them as we are able to fix things without having to come to their homes!  Right now this has proven to be a very positive direction we have gone in. We are always adapting to the latest trends, and trying to keep our Designer clients informed of these offerings.

What’s been your career highlight to date?
I have been fortunate enough to have been published many times throughout my career.  Each time was a highlight.  However, our Veteran’s project that we did through IDS and The Fairway Foundation has been one of the most rewarding projects we have ever done to date.  It wasn’t a money maker, it actually cost us a pretty penny for the time and items we donated, but the satisfaction of that Veteran’s face when we awarded him a mortgage free home brought tears to all of our eyes.  The relationships that grew, and solidified throughout that project are ultimately the highlight of my career.  When we go to IDS National Conference, we bond, and friendships are made and grown closer.  When we work together on a project like this one, you really get to see the true side of people.


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