2018-2019 Designer of the Year: Sustainable Design

Winner: Sheree Vincent, Fusion Designed , Minnesota

Soon to become the client’s retirement home, they wanted a space that was warm and intimate yet open and accommodating for their large family and circles of friends.  Using basic design principles of harmony, scale balance, proportion and color, Sheree Vincent of Fusion Designed created intimate spaces for the floor plan.

The clients requested a design that married their family's love and respect of nature with their passion for the style of architecture of nearby St. John's University.  The ever-changing views found in each room of the home were considered when creating a symbiotic relationship between the indoors and the outdoors.

A custom-sized rug in the living room created a sense of space and provided the foundation for the sofas and the unique reclaimed wood coffee table.  Window coverings grace the almost forty feet of windows, providing light and temperature control.  Dimmable LED lighting installed in the perimeter beams provide ambiance and a sense of intimacy when needed.  


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