Celebrating 10 Years of Business and Design Trends for 2019

Written by Sallie Kjos of GreyHunt Interiors

Interior design has been something I’ve been interested in for as long as I can remember. I’ve always believed there’s a psychology to your surroundings which influences the way people feel. And since I love making people happy, this field allows me to transform their spaces to do just that. So, I got my interior design degree and worked for 10 years before finally opening up GreyHunt. And now, although this seems hard to believe, this January officially marks GreyHunt’s 10th anniversary in business! We have really taken off in the last four years and I think one of the main reasons for this growth is thanks to social media. It has allowed me to be a visual voice in the design industry and has connected me to different corners of the world. And most importantly, it has shifted the tides to build a community among us designers, when before we were each subject to our own individual islands. It’s no longer a competition, but about finding a team of supporters, motivators, and inspirers. And by being a part of this network, I have found myself pushing my creative and social boundaries. One of my main focuses is reaching out to other women with small, creative business and teaming up to make an even bigger impact. Each year, just like most, I look to continue to push myself, my creativity, and my business to new heights. I plan to take challenges head on and continue to build my ever-growing network. So, cheers to 2019- I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

A new year means new trends and I’ve got some I’m excited to share for 2019!

Mixed Metals
I’ve been doing this for years and I’m so excited to finally see it up and trending. By mixing in your silvers, golds, blacks, coppers, or whatever metals you love, it breaks things up from being too ‘matchy-matchy’ and adds a unique interest to the space.

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Texture is key!
I’ve seen a huge jump in juxtaposing modern clean lines with ornate décor, furniture, even wallpapers- and I am obsessed! It adds in a nice eclectic touch that really captures our tactile attention in a space. Just don’t go too crazy with the fur!!

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Chrsity Kosnic

The 5th Wall
That’s right, I’m talking ceilings fab friends. Typically, these come in a flat white and are seen as unusable canvases. Well, now they are begging to be brought to life with pops of color or wallpapers. I’ve been incorporating this idea with my clients for some time and they absolutely love its lasting impression!

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zaring Goldberg

Bye, Bye Bob the Builder
Lastly, it’s time to say bye to bob the builder and ditch your builder grade. This year is all about showing off your individuality- and since builder grade is mass produced, it leaves little room for reflecting a ‘true you’. There’s two ways to upgrade in this case, one being a complete renovation, which is always the best but also most expensive. And on the less expensive end, I suggest changing out minor things, which can actually make a major difference. So, swap out your hardware, mirrors, lighting and faucets and throw on a new coat of paint and get to transforming your home into a reflection of you! 2019 is the year to get custom and curated, baby!

Design by GreyHunt Interiors, Photo by Chrsity Kosnic