IDS Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter Raises $25,000 for Pathways Project

Did you know there are over 10,000 children ages 0 – 17 in protective custody in the DFW Region alone?  Pathways opened its first Child Placing Agency and today operates 15 Banch Offices combining both Foster Care and Mosaic, a behavioral Health program.  Pathways is serving approximately 500 children in the Foster Care Programs in Texas. 

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter of IDS redesigned every office and main area. Here are the before pictures:

And here are the after pictures!

What a remarkable day we all just had in celebrating the completion of the Pathways .  My heart is so full to have seen how a group of dedicated industry people can pull together and design a space that is functional, fun, practical and a wonderful place for Foster Families to come in and train in a beautiful facility.  Thank you Jody Clarke and Sarah Marek for bringing this opportunity to IDS last year and to get the ball rolling. IDS raised a total of $25,000 for Pathways and was able to completely re-do every office and main area.  WOW!  Thank you Nicole Arnold and Barbara Gilbert, both past presidents of IDS and Lori Withey, incoming president, for pulling this all together.  Please take a moment to see some of the before and after pictures and be proud of your incredibly faithful and kind members.  You blessed a legacy of children more than you know.  

Linda Baker, President of IDS DFW


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