Back to School: Dorm Room Feng Shui

It’s hard to believe we’re now in August – which means the summer holidays are nearly over! For those of us with college-age children, “Back to School Season” is fast approaching. Assisting your freshman, sophomore, or senior as they move from home to set up their college dorm for the fall semester is an important parent-child milestone. But what can you do to help them create a space that’s optimized to ensure both academic and personal success? The answer is Feng Shui!

Work with your student-to-be to design, refine, and implement these Feng Shui ideas that will promote productivity, enhance organization, and give them a competitive edge:

Functional Desk Space: All students benefit from studying at a well-organized and clean desk. If fact, keeping the entire room tidy is shown to promote productivity, peace of mind, happiness, and good grades. The desk should be positioned so that the student can face the door while working, adjusted to a level that prevents slouching, with plenty of clear surface space for books and papers.

Economic Furniture: If you don’t have the budget for revamping the entire dorm, start with the desk chair. Ergonomic task-management chairs are well worth the investment as they enhance and optimize function. Each component of the chair should be adjustable. Make sure the lumbar support, armrest, and seat height are adjusted to fit your child’s body. The partner for an adjustable chair is a desk with adjustable height!

Organization: This one is a no-brainer, but well worth a mention. Facilitate dorm room order by concealing electrical cords, categorizing folders by school subject or class, and making sure there is a “home for everything” from highlighters to dirty laundry (and everything in between).

Lighting Plan: Your dorm room lighting plan should include natural light from side windows as well as supplemental light from an adjustable desk lamp. Desk lamp should be positioned to shine down on paperwork rather than reflect glare from the computer screen.

Symbolism: Display family photos to remind your collegiate they’re loved and supported. I like to utilize globes and maps for seniors who are preparing to “walk the world” and find their place within it. Display inspirational and motivational symbols of success like awards, ribbons, quotes, and even papers with good grades. This will help attract and propel positive energy.

Absorb Negativity: If a student is experiencing difficulties with his or her roommate, consider placing a small bowl of uncooked rice and sea salt by their desk. This simple and mystical blend will absorb negative energies and help smooth out tensions during tough times.

Wishing all students (and parents) a successful, engaging fall semester!

Written by Julie Schuster, Julie Schuster Design Studio


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