Re-vive, The World’s First Performance Recliner Makes its Debut

Human beings are never still creatures. Think about how many movements we make on a daily basis, while in a sitting, standing or horizontal position. Our bodies are designed to make constant, countless adjustments whether to simply shift weight or to change positions in order to experience optimum relaxation.  We are never in one, stationary state of being.

Then why are so many reclining chairs, the very objects designed to help us achieve complete comfort, not designed to fit our ever-mobile human bodies? Highly regarded Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi Group believes they should be: enter Re-vive, the world’s first performance recliner.

Natuzzi has collaborated with award winning, innovative furniture design company, Formway, to deliver the next step in ergonomic technology for the home. The Re-vive recliner combines New Zealand innovation with Italian style that brings a completely new offering to the home furniture market.

Re-vive is truly a new movement in comfort.

The continual motion of the human body is the crux of the Re-vive design. Without the levers and buttons inherent in the design of other recliners, Re-vive provides an unparalleled, superior level of comfort by flawlessly distributing the weight of the body so it can balance in a neutral position. 

The recliner boasts several unique features, such as Natuzzi’s Responsive Recline (a weight compensating mechanism that allows reclining with perfect balance), dynamic arms, full 360-degree range of movement in the base, and a tilting ottoman.

Re-vive will change the way you experience comfort forever.

Be among the first to experience Re-vive at the High Point Furniture Market (130 West Commerce Avenue) on October 19. To RSVP for the free Natuzzi Re-vive launch party, visit Follow @Natuzzi_Revive and be part of the conversation at #HPMKT with #NatuzziRevive.


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