Summer Home Becomes One with the Ocean

This New England summer home was designed by Cheryl Lee Smith Interiors. The designer was inspired by the home's oceanside setting to choose a beachy color palette that is cohesive across the entire home. The designer collaborated with the interior architect and exterior landscaper to make this truly remarkable home. 
From the moment someone enters the house, it is clear that this home is inviting the visitor to 'come sail away'. This is achieved through the 12 meter yachts hand-painted on the wall of the foyer. One challenge for the designer was creating an open floor plan design that still allowed each defined space to maintain its personality. One way the designer combatted this was by working with the architect to select varying structural ceiling designs. In the foyer, there is a soft barrel vault design. 

The homeowners are a young family with three children, so the furnishings needed to be durable and the design had to accommodate for large family gatherings. The clients also loved the coastal style and requested youthful and bright prints and colors throughout the home. 

One challenge the designer faced was finding the exact colors to match with the landscape surrounding the house. The designer knew the importance that colors have in design, so she took her time to make sure she had the palette exactly right. The designer achieved this by bringing large sample boards on site and observing how the colors looked throughout the day and during different weather situations. All of this hard work paid off tremendously since it resulted in beautiful balance of shades that create the perfect bridge between the interior of the home and the surrounding ocean. 


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