Every home designer knows that the kitchen represents the heart of every home. And the heart of every kitchen is the range, where the food that sustains the household is prepared with love and care. ILVE ranges encompass all the modern home chef—and home designer—could desire to fulfill that role. Thanks to the ILVE Trade Partner Program, these luxury, feature-rich, hand-crafted Italian ranges are now more attainable for your kitchen design projects.


As a member of the ILVE Trade Partner Program, interior designers as well as bulk buyers, contractors, and building professionals will have access to a host of exclusive benefits. Your membership includes exclusive pricing (with discounts as much as 10 percent) and in-depth resources such as custom color and trim sample boards. Additionally, your benefits do not end at the point of sale. ILVE USA employs a dedicated team of customer service representatives to serve your clients long after your project is completed. A personable, reliable customer service experience will ensure your clients keep you in mind for future projects without any worries.

Now that we have covered our trade partner program, you might be wondering what is so special about ILVE ranges and why you might want them for your project. It began with just two men in Italy with a passion for food and a gift for building appliances for local restaurants, and grew into an internationally renowned, award-winning manufacturer of superior quality kitchen tools. And for over 70 years, ILVE has been handcrafting magnificent custom ranges in their state-of-the-art facilities near Venice. Each custom unit is imbued with a nuanced blend of classically inspired performance and a distinctive, graceful exterior rarely realized in the home appliance market. ILVE is the perfect brand for anyone desiring to set their kitchen apart in practical quality, exquisite looks, and undeniable luxury.


When you choose an ILVE range for your clients, you’re not simply installing a cooking unit that combines traditional cooking techniques with the latest in technological features. These ranges create a visual centerpiece that immediately attracts the eye with its hue, intricate lines, and old-world form, yet retains the ability to inhabit any kitchen style from Industrial to Mediterranean and every mood in between.


ILVE offers ranges in several series—the Nostalgie, Majestic II, and Professional Plus Series—each with their own distinctive facets both external and internal. Additionally, each is available in numerous sizes, cooktop configurations, and a wide array of lush pre-set colors. Each series offers even greater opportunity for true individual client expression with a palette of up to 213 shades from the RAL color system, as well as the option of a matching range hood. Add to this the brilliantly contrasting choices of trim and legs in copper, brass, chrome, or bronze, and the results are thousands of possible combinations for a designer to explore. No matter the d├ęcor or feel of the kitchen, an ILVE range can only enhance and improve any home environment.


For more information on the ILVE Trade Partner Program and all it has to offer today’s enterprising designer, contact ILVE USA to access all the benefits offered by ILVE today!


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