Why You Should Focus on Dependability, Not Availability

In this unprecedented market, designers are facing new hurdles to fill their clients’ expectations. With home-improvement projects on the rise, many are experiencing a shortage in contract availability and lack of resources. Many are anxious to move their designs into reality. When it comes to daunting kitchen renovations, there is a tendency to bolt to the first available contractor or company for any part of the project. This can leave for scheduling angsts and less-than-ideal finished products. More than ever before, designers should focus on dependability rather than availability.

N-Hance Wood Refinishing is one company with the dependability you are looking for. With professional experts, N-Hance offers dream transformations, including refacing kitchen cabinets, with peace-of-mind to you and your clients. N-Hance provides thorough training to all N-Hance owners and executes proven processes to ensure your design is implemented beautifully. Through years of expertise, N-Hance delivers superior techniques and specialized products for clients.

Professionals at N-Hance make great efforts to verify all expectations are readily apparent. From the moment you contact N-Hance, communication is clear, and you can rest easy knowing there is a team of experts behind every franchise location.


When the project begins, preparation is carefully done to confirm surfaces of the wood are ready for the proper adhesion. Even the slightest contaminates can drastically affect the quality of the surface. N-Hance has customized cleaning solutions and top-of-line primer to provide the proper base for any desired change.

N-Hance then paints using an acrylic polyurethane blended product in the color of choice. The product is designed specifically for cabinets, not walls, and is sprayed on leaving no drip marks or brush strokes that may be present from substandard labor or rush-jobs.

Ultimately, a protective top finish coat is applied and cured using UV light technology. This unique process instantly cures the finish and provides high durability for years to come.



You can be confident advocating N-Hance Wood Refinishing to your clients. Recommending a third-party company requires exceptional service and high-quality products. With N-Hance, you will be choosing superior dependability over inferior availability. N-Hance has over 5,100 reviews with an average rating of 4.77 stars. Over 9,000 kitchens are refinished a year by N-Hance franchises. With a strong reputation and high ratings, you can rest easy as your designs are fulfilled gorgeously with N-Hance. All this with less downtime and fewer dollars.

N-Hance is offered in almost 500 markets across the United States so chances are there is an N-Hance franchise in your area that you can partner with. Learn more about N-Hance here.


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