Meet Angie Morse: IDS Membership Coordinator

We are so lucky to have our Membership Coordinator, Angie Morse, as a part of our staff. Angie joined the IDS staff in November of 2020 after a 13-year career as an interior designer. She is a certified consultant with Dewey Color and Color with Confidence, and has won several awards for interior design, professional organization, color usage, home staging, and redesign. Angie also teaches interior design students at Heritage School of Interior Design. She recently decided to transition out of her role as owner of her interior design firm and into the roll of Membership Coordinator at IDS National, and we are so glad she did!

We had a chance to ask Angie a few burning questions. Continue reading for her responses!

What first drew you to get involved in IDS? 

After completing my interior design education, I launched my own company, The Room Stylers. Having previously been in a very collaborative, team environment in the corporate world, I craved the interaction with like-minded individuals. Around the time I started my business, IDS was forming a Chapter in Portland. After visiting a few other organizations, IDS felt like a great fit with their strong sense of community, willingness of members to share, and their friendliness.

What are some of your best memories or experiences with the Portland chapter?

-The early days when we planned a great program/speaker, then hoped someone would show up :) (now Portland has become one of the larger chapters)

-I never imagined the depth of the friendships I would find in a professional organization. So many of us have become part of each others lives, personally, not just professionally. So much laughter, a few tears, hundreds of texts, and countless bottles of wine…

-Chairing the West Coast version of Swatched. We “built” it and wondered if anyone would come (yes, many sleepless nights and a lot of prayers). To our amazement, it was a sold out event. And post COVID, we’re making it bigger and better.

What have you enjoyed about working at IDS so far? 

Talking to our various members around the country (now that I have my time zone chart memorized!). I love hearing where people are from, what brought them to this place on their journey, and what aspect of design makes their heart sing. Every day I get to interact with some very special people, including Jenny and Maddie! 

What is one of your goals as the new Membership Coordinator? 

I want to make sure that each member feels connected, while at the same time facilitating the growth of our organization.


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