February 2020 Member Spotlight: Brenna Morgan

Brenna Morgan of Studio B Interiors - Charlotte, NC

When did you realize that you wanted to become an interior designer? 
I think I’ve wanted to be a designer my entire life!  I used to rearrange my room constantly when I was a kid.  And once my parents let me pick out new bedding and it took me weeks to find what I had in my head.  I think I was 10 years old. But when the time came to pick a career, I was told that design was just a hobby, not a career, so I went a different direction.  Clearly, I was destined for design because here I am!

Who was the first interior designer to make an impression on you?
My parents had a friend who was naturally talented at design but not an actual designer.  She would help people pick out furniture and colors and fabrics.  Her house always looked fantastic.  And I remember thinking, “I want to do that too!”  As far as a pro designer goes, I will always be a Sarah Richardson fan.  The way she mixes new and vintage items and repurposes old furniture is amazing.

What are some of the things that influence you, aside from furniture and décor?
This will sound so strange, but food.  I feel that interior design is all about creating a home.  A home is meant to be lived in.  Part of living in a home, to me, is cooking and entertaining.  Hence, food.  Food is always part of the décor when I stage a house for a reveal or a photo shoot. 

Travel is always inspiring.  Whether it is aesthetic inspiration from going somewhere exotic or just some much needed R and R, travel does the trick!

What are your go-to basics?
I am a black and white girl.  I could decorate every room in some form of black and white and be happy.  I also feel that animal print, in any form, is a wonderful and neutral pattern that any space can handle.

Are you seeing any particular style requests trending amongst your clients?
Currently, I have more calls for kitchens than ever before!  And people actually want to put wood tones back in their kitchen.  Mostly by doing a 2 tone scheme.  Which I am totally on board with!

What’s been your career highlight to date?
Launching my own firm in 2020!!!  It’s huge for me and is off to a great start.

What’s the most treasured item in your own home?
Other than my family (furry members included), I would say the horse I picked up years ago at Scott’s Antique Market.  The story I was told by the vendor was that it came off of an early 1900’s carousel.  All the paint was stripped off of it leaving a beautiful natural wood.  And it is heavy!  It sits on the console table in my living room and really is the centerpiece to my home.  You can see it from almost everywhere.


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