2018-2019 Designer of the Year: Window Treatments

Winner: Kara Karpenske, Kamarron Design, Minnesota

The existing drapery in this grand living space were dated and did not take full advantage of the vertical space, instead they constricted the natural light and distracted from the view. The new drapery spans nearly 35 feet and draws the eye upward to accentuate the stunning visual height of this living space. Custom tassels and LED lights add drama to this incredible drapery installation.

The height of this space made the design and installation very challenging. Achieving the proper balance of light and shadow in this new drapery installation was also very difficult to master. The custom LED cube uprights from Vaughn were carefully designed and placed to perfectly uplight the drapery and emphasize the drama and volume of the space. 

The tie-backs are custom and needed a creative installation method in which a two-tiered bracket system was designed behind the drapery to help hold the weight of the gusseted fabric and the tie-backs.


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