Written by Andrew Lewis, OLIVIA RIEGEL

It is early November and the Holiday gifting season is soon to arrive, causing many undo stress and angst.  This is a timely topic to visit, not only with regard to friends and family, but also for those of us in the industry who give gifts to clients.  For some, gift-giving is an intuitive skill.  Yet, for a vast number of us, it is a skill-set that must be cultivated.  It requires an understanding of others and their interests, research, and organization.  Thoughtfulness, research, and organization culminate in the event of the gift’s presentation.  The goal here is to make others feel special, to warm hearts, and to bring smiles to faces.

Stocking up the gift closet with quality merchandise is a helpful way to achieve this goal and alleviate stress and save time during this busy season of the year.  Several questions are important here.  Is an item well designed? Does an item display quality craftsmanship? How is an item packaged?  OLIVIA RIEGEL is a lifestyle brand with a vast collection of distinguished items to fill up the gift closet.  All items are exclusively designed in house by owner and designer Jon Morris and are hand-crafted by master artisans, utilizing jewelry making techniques such as hand-set dazzling European crystals and rich hand-enameling.  Elegant packaging envelops a gorgeous and thoughtful gift inside.  

As OLIVIA RIEGEL is an expansive collection, there is truly something for everyone.  Pewter, silver, gold, and rose gold finishes as well as a wide selection of crystal palettes—from clear to jewel tones—ensure that diversity can be stocked into the gift closet.  
Photo frames are a perennial favorite. Gift the frame with a memorable photo for a customized and thoughtful touch.
Everyone loves trinket boxes, be it on the bathroom vanity, on one’s desk, or in a bookcase.  Gifting a box also enables you to enclose a secret surprise inside, sparking even more joy to the recipient. 

An assortment of compact mirrors for ladies’ handbags and ring holders for the vanity are great to stock up on. 

Bottle stoppers are a thoughtful hostess gift for a Holiday party.  OLIVIA RIEGEL has several Holiday themed bottle stoppers, from a Christmas tree to a king’s crown design. 

Exquisite stocking holders for the mantle highlight Holiday décor choices in the collection. 

For those celebrating Hanukkah, OLIVIA RIEGEL offers an array of menorahs—a beautiful heirloom gift that can be shared and enjoyed through the generations.

Whatever your gifting needs, OLIVIA RIEGEL is a diverse collection of remarkable, beautifully designed, and elegantly packaged decorative items for thoughtful gift giving. 


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