Written by Andrew Lewis, OLIVIA RIEGEL

The Millennial Generation is often described as one that prioritizes ‘experiences.’   The retail and design industries have consequently taken notice, forever searching for new ways to engage customers and clients.  Meanwhile, memories are integral to experiences.  Millennials are conscious of this connection.  Their quest to ceaselessly create new memories has become the engine behind an experience economy, driven by emotions, celebrations, travel, music, and culinary arts.

So, how then can the industry work to create experiences while finding new ways of capturing memories?

Although minimalism is a life philosophy that is often attributed to Millennials, it is also true that decorative accessories and good design can be used to cultivate meaningful experiences.  Design can be used to inspire such experiences as well as capture memories, old and new. 

OLIVIA RIEGEL is a lifestyle brand of decorative accessories for the home that has tirelessly worked to successfully situate itself within the constantly evolving parameters of an experience economy.  The signature aesthetic of the company is bejeweled metallics, with hand-set European crystals.  Items are designed by decorative artist and business owner Jon Morris in his design studio, and then hand-crafted by artisans.  OLIVIA RIEGEL is named in honor of Morris’ late grandmother, a successful career woman, world traveler, and collector of vintage designer costume jewelry.  Indeed, the value of creating experiences and memories was paramount to his grandmother’s lifestyle.

OLIVIA RIEGEL offers a variety of product categories that elicit experiences and memories.  The thoughtful styling of the items brings a touch of bling to a home setting, be it traditional, transitional, contemporary, or modern.  In addition, OLIVIA RIEGEL prides itself on the idea that refracted light from dazzling crystals infiltrates living and social spaces, conveying happiness and uplifting the good energy between us.

Photo frames gracefully adorn a console table, bookcase, or nightstand—while also capturing life memories. Tabletop and bridal items, including champagne flutes and cake servers, enhance life celebrations.   The possibilities are far-reaching with a lifestyle brand such as OLIVIA RIEGEL. 


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