Five Bedroom Design Tips That Are Right On The ‘MARQ’

As we shared in an earlier post, Hooker Furniture recently launched MARQ  – Modern. Aspirational. Refined. Quality. – a line of upscale, customizable modern upholstery exclusively for the interior design community.

In addition to upholstery, the collection also includes customizable upholstered beds, premium mattresses and adjustable bed bases, providing both stylish and luxuriously comfortable products to create relaxing environments in your clients’ bedroom spaces.


MARQ was designed to help create inspiring bedroom spaces with these goals in mind:

      1.     A calm and peaceful oasis
2.     A perfect place to begin and end each day
3.     A customized space that allows your clients to express their unique personalities
4.     A healthier sleeping environment that promotes a better night’s sleep

Take a stroll through these five bedroom design tips that will help you achieve #BedroomGoals-status for your clients.

1.   Let the Light Shine Through . . . Sometimes

It goes without saying that a bedroom that promotes a better night’s sleep should be dark at night, but equally as important, it should be light and bright during the day. To achieve the best of both worlds, consider modern curtains and blinds that block out light during the evening yet allow for plentiful natural light during the day.

Here, the Essex upholstered bed is outfitted in a tone-on-tone chevron pattern suggestive of delta brain
waves during REM sleep. While its fabric pattern zigs and zags in the daylight, don’t underestimate it. Paired with a MARQ Designer Sleep Solutions premium mattresses, it’s also dressed for rest.

2.   Play With Texture

Your clients’ bedroom is where they unwind after a long day, so making it feel warm, cozy and inviting is essential. Plush textures that appeal to the senses in a variety of materials can help them relax in style. Pillows, throws and rugs are a great place to start, especially if you’re decorating on a budget.

In this neutral space, a variety of textures add dimension and create a focal point on the understated and elegant Del Ray platform bed. Sitting low to the ground on tapered legs, the textures, shapes and geometries of the accent pillows help focus our attention on the stylish trapezoidal headboard.

3.   Personalize with Color

Color can have a profound impact on how your clients feel. For a bedroom, softer, cooler hues are often selected for their calming characteristics. There are many shades of blue and gray that can offer an updated alternative to traditional neutrals such as taupe and beige. These blue and gray hues also bring a calmness to a space that make them very popular for a bedroom.

If blues and grays aren’t your clients’ style, no worries. Personalization is easy with MARQ. Available in modern, low-profile designs, each of the three upholstered beds are customizable in a selection of 165 premium fabrics, seven wood finishes and a variety of contrasting welts and buttons for additional personality.

4.   The Mattress Matters

What’s a beautiful bed without a quality mattress?

For most of our clients, the bedroom is a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life and where they recharge at the end of each day, so it’s really important that this space works extra hard for them.

And, while it may be easy to overlook, don’t fall victim to selecting a mediocre mattress just because the client can’t “see” it… trust us, they will “feel” it.

With so many options for mattresses these days, it can be a tough task to decide where to begin.

Here’s a little tip to make it a bit easier . . . Meet MARQ Designer Sleep Solutions. Shipped directly from Hooker Furniture in Martinsville, Virginia, MARQ offers you the convenience of purchasing furniture, premium mattresses and bed bases from one source, providing not only ease of ordering, but also an easier shipping process.

Mattresses in the program include a starting price point model, two step-up models and a premium model with firm and plush options on each. The modern-styled mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, queen and king sizes, providing you with the ability to fulfill orders for every room in your clients’ homes, from master bedroom to guest bedrooms, to youth bedrooms. Adjustable power bed bases and bed frames are also available, rounding out the turnkey product assortment.
With thick layers of soft, breathable cotton and wool that wick away moisture and regulate body temperature, the mattresses also feature resilient latex and individually wrapped coils to provide pressure relief and body contouring support.

The silhouettes are finished in contemporary covers with unique ticking designs that are hand-tufted and woven with silk for a luxurious night’s sleep. Premium models are offered with a 90-night sleep guarantee.

5.   Consider an Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable bed bases are another great option to help your clients customize their space, as well as promote healthier sleep patterns. With a wide range of ergonomic positions, personal preferences for sleeping, reading and watching TV can be adjusted via a convenient remote control. Some positions can even alleviating snoring. Imagine the great reviews your business could get for solving that problem!

Want to learn more about MARQ? Interior designers can set up an account with HookerFurniture through their local sales representative for more information, including product pricing and details on HF Design Pro, a professional membership program that provides interior designers with additional exclusive benefits.


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