Are You Someone Who Tries To Do Everything In One Shot?

Written by Nancy Ganzekaufer

Are you one of those people who is trying to do it all, all the time? You're listening to podcasts, and you're doing training, and you're thinking, I need to be on Facebook. I need to be on LinkedIn. I need to be on Pinterest. You're trying to be everywhere all the time and what happens is you tend to get burned out.

You're listening to all these business owners who are doing it all, and it seems like they're doing it all at the same time, and that they did it overnight, and you're trying to do it all as well. Well, I'm here to tell you that sometimes you have to roll things out slowly.

Start with Facebook

When I first went into business, I thought, okay, let me get my Facebook content down pat and began posting on there consistently and finding my voice, so I started there.

That is what I recommend you do. Start with Facebook and pretend that none of the other platforms exist. When you are thinking of all the other platforms you have to work on, it can cause anxiety.

Unfortunately, anxiety stops the flow of creativity and you need that for creating your Facebook post.

Find Your Voice with Instagram

Then I added Instagram. Then my next goal was to figure out who I am on Instagram, who do I want to attract? So that took a little time, and later I learned Instagram and I figured out how to grow it.  

LinkedIn and Other Platforms

Now I also do LinkedIn, and I'm expanding out to other areas, but I only do it if I think that it's going to be a place that actually gains me clients. I don't need to be everywhere if it's not acquiring new clients and neither do you. So, when you're analyzing where you're marketing yourself, don't do it all at once overnight. You will combust.

Try Automation

I believe there are automated tools for just about every social media platform. You can automate your post, set it and forget it. It is a little work on the upfront, but well worth not having to think about it for some weeks at a time!

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Some of you might be thinking, "I don't have a budget for that". Well, there are a few hacks you can utilize to help you fit a virtual assistant into your budget. You don't have to hire one on a continual basis.

  • First, have someone help you with only one social media platform. Perhaps you HATE setting up your Facebook page and doing all the automation for that. Pay someone JUST to get your Facebook running, or to re-stock it with new content.

  • Second, hire a virtual assistant for a set number of hours. If you can only afford to pay someone for 10 hours a month, that can still be very beneficial to you for the things you really don't want to do!

  • Third, get help every other month. What you can do is save $20 a week for one month. Then the next month add a bonus amount to what you saved and see how much help you can get from the amount you saved.

The bottom line of this whole blog post is about longevity and pacing yourself. When you try to do it all, you burn out faster and risk giving up (or slowing down your pace too much). You don't have to be in a rush to do all of these. A healthy pace wins the race.

Roll it out slowly. Pick the first place, learn everything you can about it, do it well, and then move onto the second platform and so on. When need be, use automation or hire a virtual assistant.

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