Designing in 3D

Guest Blog Post by Lloyd Princeton, Design Management Company

Most interior design firms specialize in one or two areas. Now, that has started to change.  I am seeing more and more firms broadening their reach by bringing other specialties in-house. Where they may have done only residential and hospitality or office and hospitality projects before, they are now adding a third “D,” bringing on designers experienced in more specialized areas, such as healthcare, retail or education.  

In hiring, too, firms are seeking multi-disciplinary designers who have experience with a variety of projects and specialties.  They should also have strong business, communication and team-building skills, as well as LEED certification and competency in evidence-based design.   

Given the current market, a more diversified firm makes good sense.  Firms can compete for more projects in more markets and can better withstand the ups and downs that may occur in one industry.  Projects today often involve the melding of design specialties and styles:  residential with office, office and retail with hospitality, and hospitality and retail with healthcare.  Having a team of designers who have knowledge and experience with the different lines of products, suppliers and strategies for multiple design specialties gives a firm a competitive edge.

Adding a third “D” to your firm might be just what you need to grow your business.  Give me a call at (212) 777-5718 or contact me online, and let’s discuss whether it’s the right move for you.  If so, I can help you through the process, from recruiting to on-boarding, to ensure a smooth transition.  

For two decades, Lloyd Princeton has been immersed in the design industry, working with interior designers and architects, as well as with showrooms, design centers, manufacturers and vendors. Early on, Lloyd identified the need that design professionals have for sound business advice and guidance to effectively manage and grow their practices. Fulfilling this need became the cornerstone of his consultancy firm, Design Management Company (DMC), which he founded in 1999 to assist his clients with matters such as contract negotiation, pricing, marketing, staffing, and product licensing and distribution. Click here to read full bio.


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