Re-Imagine the Way You Discover Color with the New PPG The Voice of Color® Work Station

 PPG The Voice of Color has adapted the way consumers explore color in-store into an easy-to-navigate, sensible platform with an innovative digital component. Key features include popular trim and ceiling colors, a bar code scanner, coordinated 4” X 4” take-home Harmony Collection chips, and a touchscreen kiosk that allows you to drag and drop colors, watch videos, paint rooms and much more.

Browsing all 1,300 of the colors on this palette is a breeze. Every row begins with a section revealing its top three colors, along with popular trim and ceiling colors, all of which are displayed on portable 4” X 7” stripe cards. 

Thoughtfully-curated Harmony Collections look to the textiles, appliances, and flooring markets to select five colors that can coordinate your home’s current textiles and furniture with your new paint colors, or find these colors in new collections in the market. 

Each Harmony Color Chip utilizes the 60:30:10 rule for successful color proportion. Choose your favorite color from the selected chip as your dominant color (60%), select a second color as your intermediate (30%) and incorporate all or some of the remaining colors (10%).

Exclusive brochures from architectural icon Frank Lloyd Wright™ and acclaimed interior designer Vicente Wolf are also available.

Picking the right sheen can be somewhat of a challenge, and has a big impact on your colors. The display features two guides that will help you see the difference make the right choice.

Bring your ideas to life with the display’s interactive kiosk, a touchscreen device that allows you to virtually paint a room by dragging and dropping colors you find in-store. The 42” touch screen is completely integrated to shop by color, project, tip, color combinations and product detail.

Users can choose their project by room type and paint the room with any color they choose.

Scan a stripe card to see all the colors on the screen, or scan the bar code on the back of a brochure to see it all on the screen.

Browse by color, style, and personality, and see colors that work well with your color.

For a more in-depth demonstration of the kiosk’s features, watch any of the following videos, or visit the PPG The Voice of Color YouTube page.

To find your nearest PPG The Voice of Color in-store display, visit their website.


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