5 Decor Trends We Can't Get Enough Of

Fall is approaching and it’s time to rethink the decor in our homes. This time of year is the time to brighten up our home with a makeover that will be the talk of the town. Read on for five of our favorite trends.

1. Grey as a Neutral

Say “see you later” to boring old beige and brown — grey is the new neutral. Go with a darker grey for drama, or a lighter one in a space where white just won’t do but a bold color would overwhelm. Grey is classy, and we don’t see this trend going away for a long time.

2. Basket Weaves

Wicker is a common outdoor decor but recently it has moved indoors as well. Furniture frames and accessories can give your home an outdoor feel without the fall chill. Some may consider painting the wicker to add some color or even add accents of woven baskets around the room to complete the look.

3. Rich Tones

The color of your decor always changes with the season, but this year a huge trend is rich jewel tones. Emerald greens, peacock blues, and elegant purples are perfect brightly colored accents that will make any dull room into a vibrant and exciting living space. Rugs and pillows are a great way to incorporate this fun trend into your decor. To add an extra special touch, try making some of these accessories yourself.

4. Antiques

Vintage pieces give your home a classic look that is coming back into fashion. Most antique furniture can add a delightful atmosphere to your living space. To incorporate the antique feel and add some additional spice to the item, refresh the woodwork with a simple stain job. You can even enhance the look by adding a modern twist with bold fabrics and colors. Thrift shops are perfect places to run into priceless vintage pieces to add to your decor.

5. Nature Inspired

Bring Mother Nature indoors with wood grain inspired furniture, botanical themed cushions, and butterfly wall art. End tables and lamps can be wood inspired with rustic touches that can perfectly complement the trend. With this specific decor there is ample opportunity to add a handmade touch by implementing a one of a kind piece. For example, a hand carved wooden bowl can add a unique style and instant chic to any living space.

There are a million different styles and trends that could become your new fall decor this year. To help you decide we have outlined some of the favorites we cannot get enough of. Decide what trends fit your style, and begin the process of creating a new, vibrant look.

Guest blogger, Tim Smith writes for Modernize.


  1. Love all of these.
    May need to head out and get some stuff to make my fall decor come together.


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