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Working fewer hours and making more money isn’t a pipedream,

It’s a program.

It’s a program followed by many of the most financially successful design professionals.

These individuals, some of whom I’ve coached or promoted, are based worldwide. Their expertise and experience levels vary. So do their design specialties. They run their businesses in a wide variety of ways.

But, though most aren’t aware of it, they have one thing in common: they all follow the “program” of working less and earning more.

You can, too.

You can maximize your income, and minimize the time you spend earning it, if you: * 

Set A Goal.  What does “Earn More” mean to you? Think Big. Top design professionals believe that, as the best, they should charge the most.

E-VALUE–ate Yourself.  Attach value to who you are and what you do. Produce and promote a killer bio that spells out your specialness and positions you as a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind expert.

Work on What Works. Determine your most lucrative design services and products, and devote your time to selling them. If you’re a $250 an hour designer, spend your time only on $250 an hour activities. (Hint: waiting for a painter to show up isn’t one of them.) 

Play Doctor. Pinpoint the pain of your most prosperous prospects, and present your services as the solution. Use social media to start and join conversations about the biggest challenges they  face. Create your credibility in blogposts and articles. 

Play Lawyer. Charge for all of your time, all of the time. 

Set Parameters. Customer service is paramount, but setting rules for the relationship should be a priority, too. Say: “This is how I work with my clients.” Include in your contract the services you promised – and the cost for additional services that you didn’t.

Maximize Your Target Market. Don’t look for love in all the wrong places. 

Maximize Your Time. Profitable tasks make sense. “Busywork” doesn’t. 

Maximize Your Relationships.  Your current clients are your best ones: the long term value of a client can be 1000 times more than the value of a single transaction. Talk about Phase II before you start Phase I. Upsell, cross-sell and continually create new and better ways to serve.

(* Excerpted from the Work Less, Earn More digital audio program)

Bottom line: you need not work longer to make much more money in your design business.

You need only to work smarter.

Fred Berns speaks to, coaches and promotes interior design professionals worldwide.


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