High End Designers Should “Look” Like Luxury

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Oh, so you’re a “luxury residential designer?”

You design the interiors of spacious high end homes for elite clients?

So nice to meet you! It must be great to have a rich niche.

Wait, have we met before?

I ask that, because I keep running into other “luxury residential designers.” I meet them at my speaking engagements. Or they call me to coach them, or promote them. Or  I see their work on Houzz.

A coincidence, maybe.

Well, anyway, thanks for stopping by. While you’re here, can I make a suggestion?

Don’t just tell me you’re a” luxury residential designer.”

Show me.

No, I’m not talking about your portfolio. I know you have lots of lovely images of lots of beachfront homes, and estates, and downtown condos.

Every luxury designer has those.

When I say “show me,” I mean send me a link to your bio. Let me read a profile about you that knocks my socks off, and convinces me you’re a uniquely-qualified one-of-a-kind luxury designer.

Show me an article you’ve written about the key design challenges facing owners of luxury homes, and how to overcome those challenges.

Show me how your blog regularly addresses that topic, as well as what’s in and what’s out, and what’s hot and what’s not in the luxury residential marketplace.

Show me testimonials from ecstatic high profile clients talking about how you rocked their world.

Show me what you charge. Luxury market designers set and get luxury market fees. Do you?

I guess what I’m suggesting here is don’t just play the part of a luxury residential designer. 

Look, sound, act and charge the part.

Fred Berns, an interior design industry speaker, coach and promotional copywriter, is the author of the Audio Success Series, on which this post is based.


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