Interior Design Society - Chapter Award Winners

The Interior Design Society 2012 Chapter Awards winners were announced on April 24, 2013 at the IDS Awards Dinner in Greensboro, NC.
The Chapter Awards are designed to recognize Chapters who have shown exceptional work in specific areas for the 2012 term.  The Chapter Awards, which are presented each year, reward chapters for excellence in the following categories: Outstanding Membership and Growth, Outstanding Use of Social Media, Outstanding Website, Excellent Networking, Outstanding Charity Event, Outstanding Public Relations, Best Idea and Chapter of the Year. The chapter selected as “Chapter of the Year” is one that has exhibited superiority in all of the categories.
The judges selected the winners of each Chapter Award based on the following criteria: Creativity, Uniqueness and Quality of Chapter Programs, Quality of Question Responses, Quality of Supporting Materials and Overall Merit.
This year's winners are listed below:
Outstanding Membership and Growth:
Winner: IDS Long Island Chapter (

The Outstanding Membership and Growth Chapter Award goes to the Long Island Chapter for a record of three years in a row. The Long Island Chapter has a membership committee that is dedicated to growing the chapter’s membership by educating all first-time attendees of the benefits of IDS membership at Chapter meetings in addition to having a strong presence at job fairs, local festivals, charity events and networking events.
Outstanding Use of Social Media
Winner: IDS Long Island Chapter (
The Outstanding Social Media Award goes to the Long Island Chapter who is incredibly active on both Facebook and LinkedIn. The Long Island Chapter portrayed effective use of social media to stay connected with designers and trade members by providing them with information on education, industry discussions and opportunities and information on upcoming events.
Outstanding Website
Winner: IDS Las Vegas Chapter (
The Outstanding Website Award goes to the Las Vegas Chapter whose website launched in December 2012 and is updated twice monthly and as real-time information occurs. Although this website is still relatively new, the Las Vegas Chapter has done a stellar job of marketing it through their e-blast distribution, at design professional meetings and events, and it is included on all of their correspondences and letterhead.
Excellent Networking
Winner: IDS Palm Springs Chapter (
The Excellent Networking Award goes to the Palm Springs Chapter whose philosophy is “Building Relationships in the Business of Design.” In the last year, the Palm Springs Chapter has hosted several incredibly successful networking events, one of which was titled The Warrior Workshop Program that was an education program featuring professional speakers who taught attendees about the art of networking.
Outstanding Charity Event
Winners: IDS Long Island Chapter ( & IDS Wine Country Chapter (
This year, the judges felt that there was more than one Charity Event worthy of recognition.
The Award for Outstanding Charity Event is presented to both the Long Island Chapter and the Wine Country Chapter.

The Long Island Chapter hosted an event called “Cooking for a Cause” where top Long Island Chefs served their best dishes at a gourmet food & wine event, where a raffle was held. With the proceeds of this event, the Long Island Chapter refurbished a kitchen and independent living space for Mercy First, a local school for children in need.
The Wine Country Chapter hosted the IDS Sonoma Designer Showcase. This event was held over a two-weekend period and 11 Wine Country designers transformed 4 condominiums at The Chauvet, a historical landmark. The event featured a wine tasting, a raffle and a “mix-and-mingle” event with Celebrity Designer Raymond Waites. This event benefited two local charities: United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay and TLC Family and Children Services.

Outstanding Public Relations
Winner: IDS Las Vegas Chapter (
The Outstanding Public Relations award goes to the Las Vegas Chapter who successfully used public relations efforts to gain recognition in the Las Vegas Review Journal HOME Magazine which publishes information on their quarterly meetings, social receptions and events before they occur to help promote attendance. The Las Vegas Review Journal is the largest newspaper in Las Vegas, as well as the premier publication in the state of Nevada. This chapter is also building relationships with other print media outlets in the area.
Best Idea
Winner: IDS Palm Springs Chapter (
The Best Idea Award goes to the Palm Springs Chapter whose goal is to be approachable and welcoming to everyone interested in joining their Chapter. They developed an efficient postcard titled “Easy as 1-2-3” which addresses the questions and confusion on IDS membership requirements. This little postcard simplifies the steps that must be taken to become an IDS member at both the national and local level.
Chapter of the Year
Winner: IDS Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter (
The winner of the Chapter of the Year Award is Dallas/Fort Worth. This chapter’s goals for 2012 were to improve upon the strategic processes that were put in place in 2011 and to maintain momentum and excitement in order to increase membership. Based on their submissions in each category, the judges’ assessed that the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter successfully accomplished its goals while simultaneously increasing its membership. Additionally, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter proved to be incredibly active on Facebook educating members about the benefits of joining IDS and spreading the word about upcoming events. This chapter also has an incredibly user-friendly website that is eye-catching as well. The Dallas Chapter highlighted the success of its networking by hosting events such as “Desserts with Designers,” which is specifically for students in interior design programs to have the opportunity to meet and network with seasoned designers. The Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter also hosted an incredibly successful Charity Event, their 2nd annual Vendor Showcase which featured 35 vendor participants and attracted well over 100 design professionals and design students from all over North Texas. Additionally, they exceled in public relations which was evident based on the outcome of their chapter events, specifically their Charity Event. Lastly, their best idea which consisted of multiple Business & Brand Building Workshops proved to be effective for all involved. Congratulations to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter who worked very hard this year to earn the prestigious title of “Chapter of the Year.”


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