Do you feel like a hamster in a wheel when it comes to finding clients and marketing?

Let’s look at an example. You get a good client, deliver a great job and then nothing happens. No new client is there to take her place, and nothing on the horizon.

Over and over I hear from designers who get so excited about one new client or job opportunity that they become completely and totally focused on delivering great design work. They lose sight of the fact that consistent marketing for new clients is an ongoing activity for a successful business.

To step off of this crazy up and down cash flow, feast and famine roller coaster, you must have many connections and be constantly talking to people about the services you offer. One good client or job opportunity does not make a business, but you can create a steady flow of clients into your business if you just remember a few things.

Step #1 - Appropriate marketing time each week and block it out in your calendar just like you would book an appointment with a client. This is your time to assure that your business has a future so give this time priority and plan and strategize your next moves accordingly.

Step #2 - Your website, newsletter and social media outlets are all good marketing tactics, but you won’t find many clients sitting behind your computer. Remember that you need to talk to people one on one in order to establish relationships. Our business is based on relationships, so the more connections you have, the more new people you will touch, and the more you talk about the value that you bring to a job the more clients you will have.

Step #3 - Spend your marketing time thoughtfully and choose your connections wisely. Be clear about who your clients are and who influences them. Don’t give up quality for quantity.

Need more information? Check out Good Clients Great There is some great free info on the site, and it might be wise to consider getting help with client acquisition if you’re having a tough time. 

Terri Taylor, IDS Professional, ASID, IIDA, IFDA, is President and Creative Director of Taylor Design Group and Design Biz Blueprint. She is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at design conferences and interior design colleges throughout the country. She speaks on a number of topics related to the business of interior design, including: business practices, sales, marketing, motivation, leadership, success and personal growth.
Ms. Taylor is nationally known as an interior design business expert and coach who teaches and mentors interior designers to help them create successful design businesses.


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