Modern Home with Influences from Multiple Design Styles

This stunning home falls at the intersection of livable style and wearable art. Designed by IDS member Bryan Yates to accommodate two varying design styles from the home owners and to meet their demand for an open concept home with plenty of space to entertain. 

The homeowner's differing styles called for a balance between bold colors and mixed patterns. The designer was inspired by subtle Southern influences which give this modern home the comfortable feeling of a Southern gathering space. The designer made this space into a modern home with tailored lines and cautious attention to every detail. 

The client's also desired symmetry and balance in their living spaces, which is illustrated beautifully in the owner's bathroom. One challenge in the design process was changing the layout of the house to make it more open. The designer had to work around the narrow lot's restrictions and take down walls on the first floor to open it up. 

In the end, the homeowners got the entertaining space of their dreams! An open concept first floor which is perfect for entertaining and a striking balance of different design styles that blended to create a home that is uniquely their own! 


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