Urban Penthouse Hidden in Arkansas College Town

This contemporary home sits in the historic Fayetteville town square and looks on many of the iconic architecture of the University of Arkansas. The owners wanted to upgrade the Penthouse apartment they bought a few years prior to showcase their extensive modern art collection and bring an urban vibe to the college town. This space designed by Goddard Design Group won First Runner Up in the 2020 Designer of the Year Awards, Whole Home 3,000 sqft & Below category. 

Goddard Design Group was thrilled to work with a blank canvas of neutral walls and flooring. The designer amped up the apartment with splashes of blue and lots of textures. The client also asked that each space to be anchored by an art piece from their collection. 

In the foyer, the designer displayed an original artwork by D*Face, strikingly placed above an industrial console and flanked by a pair of vintage 1970’s lamps. Antique accessories and urban, yet comfortable, furniture was used to create an intimate, contemporary home rich with culture. 

In the owner's bedroom, a custom mural hangs over an antique brick wall. The space also features a mix of vintage and industrial furnishings to create a stunning balance and unique contemporary style. 

One challenge the designer encountered in the space was updating the audio and visual spaces in the penthouse, which were about 15 years old. The team was able to overcome this and produce a conversational space perfect for entertaining and providing a bit of urban style while far from the big city!


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