My favorite comm app for virtual designs

Written by Rebecca West of Seriously Happy

Communicating successfully with our interior design clients has always been important, but now that many of us are providing virtual interior design services, we need even more tools in our communication tool belt!

Today, I am share one of my favorite tools with you, but I’m not going to talk about it – I’m going to demonstrate it!

Enjoy this action-packed 7 minute video where I tell you not only why I love Loom, but also give you specific examples of how to use it with your clients.

Seriously, Loom doesn’t just save me *hours* of time. It also helps me avoid the frustration that comes along when a client tries to explain my design to their spouse, mom, and “friend-whos-good-at-design” (eek!) and I’m not there to explain the design myself! (Been there? 🙄)

Will Loom be a useful tool for communicating with *your* clients? I hope so!

Remember, if you’re new to this whole virtual design and digital marketing world it’s normal to feel a little bit out of your element. My Quick Fix sessions are only a click away if you need guidance or encouragement. 😀

May your design business always make you seriously happy!

❤️ Rebecca


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