Trusting The Process

They say that sometimes the best things in life are unplanned, and that was certainly true when Nashville-based interior designer Lori Paranjape and her design team designed a 9,000-square-foot, Tudor-style showhouse.

Her overall concept — a fresh take on traditional style — served as the foundation of the home’s design, but the execution, Paranjape says, was the perfect example of “how organic it is to do an installation of a large-scale project. Things come together onsite in a way you can’t anticipate.”

When installing the breakfast room, for instance, the designer was particularly struck by how well the rug —from Jaipur Living’s Alpine rug— complimented the room’s color scheme, and how different it looked from what she remembered.

Then she realized: “It was rolled up inside-out, and I kept looking at it thinking, ‘wow that dark contrast is really nice in here.’” When they rolled out the rug correctly — right-side-up — something about the rug’s lighter scheme felt off. “I had everybody move everything out of the room and roll it out the way I originally saw it, and then I thought,’ This is it, this is the rug,’” Paranjape says.

"I think that’s the magic of doing installations and having trust with the client. It was a happy accident that the rug was rolled up that way, and I love the result. Letting go of preconceived ideas allowed everything to come together the way it was meant to be."

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