2018-2019 Designer of the Year: Recreational Spaces

Winner: Kara Karpenske, Kamarron Design, Minnesota
Located right on the water of one of the Midwest’s largest lakes, this recreational space truly puts the create in recreate! This space is used as a central hub for all waterfront activities the client and his family partake in and out of the water.  

By repositioning the furniture in this space and creating recreational equipment storage on the back side of this boat house, the space breathes more easily and the design is able to shine. The functionality of this space dramatically improved once these changes were implemented.

The design aimed to move the sports equipment storage to the outside backside of the boat house so the space inside is able to have more seating areas and touch down space for the family to use in between waterfront activities. By playing varying neutrals off of one another in this design, the color of the exterior space is highlighted.

1st Runner Up: Charles Pavarini III, Pavarini Design, New York
Home Wellness Retreat, for Mind, Body, and Spirit, balances residential interior design concepts with Ayurvedic elements to unify the design vision through the physical and metaphysical. Encouraging the practices of meditation, massage, stretching and yoga, the space motivates one to get in-touch with the creative self by embracing the senses.

Executed in a subtle color palette of grays, the furnishings scheme is intended to be soothing on the eye. The lighting system works with chromatherapy and naturally serves to regulate human behavior by assisting the body to adjust metabolism, sleep, and body temperature through exposure to natural color-changing light qualities. 

Harmony is created by the relaxing sound of water trickling into the pool, and the sight of lush greenery from the private garden. Everyone needs an exterior space to meditate, practice Yoga, and for respite under the open sky commune with nature and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

 A slanted ceiling is hidden visually by a double cerused-white-oak molding that matches the custom cabinetry and is placed 6” down from the High Gloss ceiling. Awkward soffits on the main wall were covered up by the LED lit feature wall.


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