2018-2019 Designer of the Year: Dining Rooms

Winner: Jodie O'Connor, Jodie O'Designs, New Jersey
New traditionalist design describes the dining room.  This style combines the simplistic, soothing approach of contemporary design with the classic, refined and redefined feel of traditional.

The challenges the designer faced were to blending the dining room with a touch of formal and informal with durable and stain resistant products that look spectacular, finding window hardware to dress the windows without blocking the natural light while being conscious of the French door swing, and  accessorizing to complement the space without interfering with the new traditionalist design.

1st Runner Up: Nicole Arnold, Nicole Arnold Interiors, Texas
The husband is a geologist and has an affinity for geodes and rock formations. The wife loves organic elements and glass as well as the freeform ways these elements can be interpreted. Capitalizing on the couples' personalities was the designer's task at hand. The couple's Colorado roots determined incorporating some refined western nods throughout the home. 

The designer used a live edge, wood and turquoise table as the foundation for the room and it's irregular, one of a kind character enables it to be a conversation piece. The punctuated host and hostess chairs nod to traditionalism. The textures of a multi-toned wool rug and velvet drapery panels balance and compliment the more prominent elements. 

Organic inspired art, natural hair hide drapery trim and the succulent credenza floral arrangement establish a few more natural elements to the room and endorse an authentically Colorado feel. 


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