Victorious Membership Momentum!

written by Kimberly JOI McDonald, IDS National President (2018-19)  

“Victory!” and “Membership Momentum!” are words that spring to mind when asked why I joined the Interior Design Society (IDS).  I also think of these words:  “distinction, education, mentoring, networking, support, community service IMPACT,” and finally…. “Metamorphosis.”  Here’s why.

Victorious Membership Distinction and Education!
IDS distinction, as a professional residential interior design organization, proudly yields distinguished credentials.  Also, IDS enriches us with distinctive moments of achievement.  These moments resonate, no matter how large or small, private or public, as a team or individual.  Our IDS memberships showcase an impressive echelon of talented designers, global and corporate sponsors, vendors and student designers. 

IDS provides education through IDS national conferences, webinars, podcasts, local chapter events, and mentoring.  In 2019, we will launch on the IDS national website, Explorer:  Educational Excellence, an online repository of links available for the viewer to pursue various educational subject matters on their own time for personal and professional development. 

We also learn through educational trips traveling the United States and around the world. IDS annual national conferences feature timely seminars on the latest issues, trends, innovations, business roundtables, networking, vendor showcases, celebrity VIP industry speakers, and our Designer of the Year (DoTY) Awards Dinner.  DoTY winners are published in prestigious national design publications. Enjoy our IDS DoTY promotional video to be launched in mid-October 2018.

We promote IDS student membership! Students enter our IDS National Scholarship Competition and design challenge events. Both help students obtain interior design degrees from schools accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).  And, we ensure our members maintain their educational proficiency by completing continuing education credits each year, as required by IDS and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC).      

Victorious Membership Mentoring, Networking and Support!
We experience a unique brand of business joy and laughter! Yet, our support system during difficult times, bolsters hope, confidence and success. Our supportive family network spans across the United States with just under 2,000 members, 18 chapters, three new chapter formations underway, and mentors.       

Victorious Membership IMPACT through Community Service!
IDS notoriously gives back to communities through leadership. All over the country, IDS makes an impact by gifting various non-profit organizations with our talents to create captivating pro-bono projects for the disadvantaged. We applaud our designers and their winning designs through our IMPACT Designer of the Year Individual and Chapter Awards at the IDS annual conference awards dinner.        

Victorious Membership Metamorphosis!
Each of us experiences our own victorious metamorphosis through the IDS journey. For me, being an IDS member has made many dreams come true! Traveling recently to Paris and attending the Maison Objet as part of the VIP IDS Delegation, is a dream come true.  It was my first time visiting Paris.  I experienced Paris through the eyes of my parents. While mesmerized by iconic landmarks, I envisioned my parents as a young couple with my two eldest brothers who were babies. Several decades later, I was born in Nuremburg, Germany.  When my mother was alive, she would recite vivid adventures of Paris and other countries through her lens as a military wife. Now, as my father recants such stories from his hospital bed, we fondly reminisce the same memories of Paris. I smile.

Also while in Paris, and at my request, I attended an official meet & greet with my counterpart, Claire LeQuellec, President of the French Council of Interior Design. This is a historic first for IDS!

Regarding my IDS ongoing journey, it all began with being the Founder and Past President of the IDS Las Vegas Chapter (2011-12), appointment to serve on the IDS National Board of Directors (2013), advancement/appointment to serve as IDS National Secretary-Treasurer (2014-15), appointment to serve as IDS National Vice President (2016-17)and now as your elected IDS National President (2018-19). 

However, IDS is not all about titles and exposure. More importantly, the IDS metamorphosis is about your personal leadership and growth, significant work accomplished as a team, and how you treat others.  Victory is in striving for excellence to be “your” best designer, business owner or associate, entrepreneur, vendor, and human being.  Serving and learning from our dynamic organization is an honor and pleasure that gives immeasurable joy! “Join or renew with IDS, and win with I-D-S!” 


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