How to Enhance Your Child’s Space

Creating a space for little kiddo’s seems easy, right? Add some primary colors and a couple toys and you’re good to go. Unless you want to take it a step further than that. We’ve put together some ways to create a more inviting, comfortable and safe space for your children to learn, grow and play.

Variety of Textures

Why do kids like to touch everything? In my younger years, before entering a store, my mom would constantly remind me, ‘Don’t touch anything.’ That plan backfired and here I am years later, an Interior Designer, and feeling different fabrics and materials is a daily task. Kids like to touch things because they’re interested. Is it bumpy, rough, smooth? By using various textures in the space, it contributes to one of the main senses- touch. Try adding heavy textures such as a velvet pillow or a sheepskin rug. Balance that out with a wicker basket.

Small Scale

I just love when I see little kiddos at Trader Joe’s with their mini grocery carts that say ‘Future Shopper.’ Kids love adult objects that are their size. To make them feel more comfortable, add pieces that are small scaled and flexible. Using small ottomans is a great way to add flexibility so they can move furniture around their space, but also the smaller size isn’t too heavy for them. Adding wall shelving that is low to the ground makes them feel important, like I can pick out my own books! *Parenting tip: With the smaller scale furniture, they are able to clean up on their own too ;-)

Smart Dollars

Children’s spaces are usually designed on a budget, since they grow up so darn fast, therefore it’s a smart idea to invest in pieces that make the space functional and will last throughout your child’s childhood. Furniture such as a desk space, look for something timeless and classic  that can be used as their learning to write the alphabet and into their teen years. The great part about having a desk in play area is it can be used for craft time and homework time. Try adding a display space above the desk for pinning up art projects or awards. This provides ownership and shows pride.

Floor Space

Take advantage of the floor space! Kids like to be on the ground, so let them be! Provide a fun rug that pulls all the palette of the space together and use floor cushions or ottomans to sit around a coffee table setup. Children feel comfortable reading and lounging on the ground, so encourage it!


Avoid using the typical primary colors in your space as they can feel dated and heavy. Go for toned down, lighter and brighter options. Some fun trendy girly palettes include sherbert tones and dusty pinks. For the boys, go with turquoise blue tones or gray-blues. For a multi-gender space, try mint and mustard tones!

Written by Kara Karpenske, founder of Kamarron Design.


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