What's Trending in Window Treatments

The Shade Store is always monitoring the latest developments in the world of home decor. It’s no surprise that there has always been a direct connection between interior design and fashion. The two are constantly influencing each other, especially since there is a rising number of designers that now work in both realms.

Many new and exciting trends have been emerging on the fashion runways recently, and when it comes to layering new décor into our homes, we should definitely be taking notes! The Shade Store carries a wide selection of custom Shades, Blinds, and Drapery. From bold patterns to minimal solids, they have the perfect options for every kind of style.  

We’ve scouted the latest trends for both your wardrobe and your home — and the perfect window treatments from The Shade Store for each!  

1.      Shimmer and Sequins

From the biggest fashion brands in the industry (Givenchy, Balmain, etc.) to the young and fresh creators, we are seeing a wealth of glittery, shimmering, and sequined fabrics. And while metallic accents and home décor have been trending for a while, the stylish inclusion of sequins and glitter is a new movement for interior design.

If this glamourous look is something you want to accomplish, The Shade Store has the perfect selections for you. Their Guthree material in Beaded Pearl works great for Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Woven Wood Shades, and Vertical Blinds. This natural material has simple sequins sewn in throughout, giving off a refined, but fun, touch of glam. Their Sheer Brilliance Material Collection is available for Roman Shades and Drapery. The translucent fabric is woven with sparkling fibers, and looks great by itself, or layered with another Shade.

2.      Bold and Graphic Patterns

Moving away from the neutral solids of past years, we are seeing a huge comeback of large-scale patterns for both home and fashion. Whether you want to go graphic everywhere, or you just want to liven an understated room, there are many ways to style this trend in your home.

The Shade Store’s new collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler is chic and colorful, containing bold, yet versatile Roller Shade designs. The collection is available in 6 stylish patterns in both light filtering and blackout materials.

3.      Global Inspiration

Just because bright and bold patterns are currently in, does not mean that neutral prints are out! As our culture continues to embrace organic materials and natural beauty, we are seeing global-inspired prints and colors develop into a huge trend. 

The Nate Berkus for The Shade Store Collection was inspired by designer Nate Berkus’s worldwide travels. The collection is full of neutrals, soft colors, sophisticated patterns, and hand-drawn prints. These Roller Shades are breezy and effortlessly stylish – perfect for any home.

4.      Layer, Layer, Layer!

Layering textures and materials is another big trend right now in the fashion and home worlds. This is an easy one to bring to your windows, and it has great functional benefits as well! When it comes to layering window treatments, not only do you create an extra-custom feel, but you also are able to carefully control the amount of light let into a room, depending on your mood or the time of day!

Put a blackout Roller Shade under sheer Drapery panels, or a Woven Wood Shade over a Solar Shade. You can get creative with your pairings to find the perfect solution for your space from both a visual and a practical standpoint!

5.      Technology

With a booming e-commerce industry, instant shopping, and the new “Echo Look,” the world of fashion has become inundated by technology. This theme runs common throughout the home space as well. From smart TVs to complete home automation systems, technology is taking over!

The Shade Store offers a state-of-the-art collection of motorized Shades, Blinds, and Drapery. This exclusive new collection is whisper quiet, has eco-friendly battery operation, smartphone control, and the ability to set timers and favorite positions. These products are completely customizable, making them perfect for everyday life.

Ready to try out all of these trends for yourself? Visit one of The Shade Store’s 55+ nationwide showrooms or email them at design@theshadestore.com to get started!  


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