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During the process of selecting custom window treatments, there are various questions you’ll need to think about. On top of choosing your treatment style, fabric or material, and pattern, you will need to decide where you want your shades to mount on your window frame – inside or outside?

Window treatments that mount on the outside of your window frame are a great option if you want your windows to look bigger, or if you’d like to bring a more dramatic vibe into your space. Inside mount shades provide a built-in and cleaner look. This decision can be difficult, but The Shade Store is here to help! Keep reading for their advice on when to choose an inside mount.


If your design taste is more minimal, an inside mount window treatment is a good choice for you. They have a clean and modern look and stay within the lines of your window frame.

Additionally, if you have beautiful, detailed woodwork in your home that you don’t want to cover, inside mount shades are the perfect choice. Whether your shades are raised or lowered, the frame of your window will always remain visible, allowing the architectural elements of your home to shine. 


Inside mount window treatments are also the perfect solution for smaller spaces. If your window meets the necessary depth requirement of ¾”, your window treatments can be securely installed, and will take up minimal space beyond the frame of your window. If you have a couple additional inches, depending on the exact style of treatment you choose, you can have your shades mounted flush to the wall.


Another great benefit to inside mount shades is the opportunity they present for layering! Layering your window treatments not only provides a high-end, extra “finished” look, but it also allows for flexibility in the amount of light you let in. Pair an inside mount Roller Shade with an outside mount Roman Shade, or an inside mount Solar Shade underneath Ripple Fold Drapery. Your windows are bound to look stunning, not matter what combination you choose!

The Design Consultants at The Shade Store are happy to help if you have questions about any of their window treatment options. Visit one of their 55+ nationwide showrooms or give them a call at (800) 754-1455 for more information!


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