Blame the Houzz Clients You Don’t Get on the Profile You Don’t Have

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Hey, saw your photos on Houzz the other day.


Problem is, 65,000 other interior designers have Nice! photos on Houzz, too. If you think your nice photos are suddenly going to attract all these gargantuan projects from all these high end clients, you’re living in La La Land.

If you think your Houzz images, alone, are going to make you rich and famous, I have some oceanfront property in Nevada I’d like to sell you.

Now, I know we’ve had this conversation before, this idea that a powerful profile is as, if not more important as dazzling images when it comes to building a buzz – and your business – on Houzz.

But what brought it to mind again was a remark that a Houzz account manager shared with me recently.

“Nine times out of ten, the profiles aren’t very good,” Carter Wurz(??)) pointed out. “It’s as if designers just don’t put much thought into them.”

That’s too bad, because those design professionals who do – and have the most extensive Houzz profiles —  report getting the most clients.

So what goes into an “extensive profile?”

Start by sharing your “Only, as in “We’re the area’s only interior design firm which…”).

Talk to us about your experience, accomplishments, awards, skills, specialties, clients, affiliations, education and unique design services.

How about giving us a photo of you and your team?

And throw some compelling keywords into your profile (e.g., “luxury lofts,” “contemporary kitchens,” “Brooklyn rowhouses”)..

So am I dissing on the importance of photos on Houzz? Not really. I’m well aware that the quality and quantity of your images is important.

But I’m also well aware that there are six million interior design photos on Houzz. Your Houzz photos, alone, can’t establish you as a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind design professional.

Your Houzz profile can.

Fred Berns writes Houzz profile for design and building professionals around the country, and coaches others on how to write their own.. For information about his coaching, promotional copy writing, speaking programs and educational tools for designers, visit, or contact him at 303-589-3013 or


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