Top 10 Questions on the USA Decor Art Store

Welcome to the USA Decor Art online store. We have been a quality-first, veteran-owned production company for the past 39 years, located in Melbourne, Florida. Giving you an enjoyable, easy,  and productive online experience is the USA Decor Art mission. You have Total Control to select exactly how you want your art produced, and we produce it on-demand.

Let's get started... If you have not signed up as a USA Decor Art Member, please take a minute, click HERE and do so. Many of the Store features and only available to members who are logged in. We do not share your information with anyone... period!

 1.  How do I find an image?  

One way is to use the Enter Keywords box in the upper left portion of the home page.  If you enter the word "flower", you will be presented with flower images.  You can then further define what kind of flower you are looking for using the controls on the left side of the screen.  USA Decor Art gives you the "variety and choices" for the Interior Art you want.

2Can I browse through many similar images?

You can also select an image by clicking on "Galleries" at the top left of the home page, choose a Gallery and then browse through the images. Most galleries contain many pages of images to select from.  USA Decor Art online store is "Enjoyable" to see!

3.  What if I want to save several selections?  

If you are logged in as a Member, at the bottom of each image is a small icon that looks like a light bulb. Click on the icon and it will let you create a "Light Box" in which you can store your images and then view them at a future time. Light Boxes are also great for decorating and design professionals who can select customer images and create a light box with images for each customer.  Helping you keep everything organized for your client is our goal.

4.  How do I see an image and its detail in a larger size?
You can click on any image to enlarge it, there's also a magnifier to view fine detail.  The image info is listed next to it and the dominant image colors are displayed in a color pallet. Click on any color in the pallet to search for other images that contain that color.  This search by color is great for creating wall groupings with matching colors.

HINT: Click on the USA Decor Art logo at the top of any page to go directly to the Home Page.
5.  Wow, I found a scenic that's incredible, how do I find the available sizes?  
In the enlarged view of your image, simply scroll down the page and the standard sizes are listed for each image.  The sizes match the height and width of each image.  USA Decor Art is "Easy" for you to find the right image sizes for your space. Need a Custom Size... contact us by email, phone or support ticket, we'll produce your image to your exact dimensions.

6.  The 32"x48" is great for my space, how do I select the Perfect Wall Decor Print?  
To start creating a Decor Print that's perfect for you, simply select "Click to Select 32x48 Options" (or the size that you need).  An Options Menu will appear and you can select from the available options in each menu.  USA Decor Art is "Easy" for you.

7.  What options are available to create My Perfect Wall Decor Print?  
Here's a list of options available for USA Wall Decor Prints.  More Info on each option is available on the home page.
  - Print Type... Select from Photo to Fine Art and even Canvas Giclee.
  - Protective Finish... a permanent finish to  enhance and protect, eliminating the cost and weight of glass.
- Print Mount... foams, plastics and even Gallerie Wraps for Canvas Giclee.
- Digital Enhancement... converts an image to look like a painting.
- Black & White... converts any image to Black & White, also your favorite Toning.
- Framing... finish your Perfect Wall Decor Print with a Contemporary metal frame. Please ask for  Custom Framing.

8.  I have selected my image, size and options, how do I place an order?
With everything ready to go, simply click "Add To Cart".  At this point you can select additional images, add their options and place them in Your Cart, or simply press the cart icon to view the contents of Your Cart.  When viewing Your Cart, you can edit, remove and update any image and any options, giving you a final look at your order. 

Discount codes can be added at this point. If everything is correct, select "Checkout" and make sure your shipping and billing info is
correct.  IDS Members add IDS15 for your free 15% members discount.

Press "Continue" and select your payment method.  We offer Paypal and credit cards through Authorize.Net for your convenience.  Follow your preferred payment screen to complete your order.  We will send you and email confirmation of your order.  USA Decor Art gives you a simple and easy ordering process.

9.  How long does it take for my USA Wall Decor Prints?

All of our production is on-demand and takes 3 working days for production.  If your order is received on Monday, it will go into Tuesday's production and will be completed on Thursday.  We ship by Fedex Ground and your order will ship from Melbourne, Florida.  You will receive and email confirmation with tracking number when your order ships.  USA Decor Art gives you a fast, efficient shipping & delivery service. 

10.  Can my personal image or my client's personal image be produced as a USA Decor Print?
Yes, we can produce the image and our exclusive Laserchrome process will produce the best possible Wall Decor Print.  If your image is too small, out of focus or has some other issue which prevents a quality result, we will let you know before putting it into production.  Sizes, options and prices are the same as our images. 

USA Decor Art is committed to giving you the "Best Custom Interior Decor Art" production  in the USA.

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