Door Replacement Can Now Be An Easy Decorating Project – New technology creates fast, easy transformation

When it comes to making home improvements, there are few that can make big changes to the interior and décor of a home easily and affordably. Doors touch every room in a home so they are a critical design component, but are often overlooked because replacing them has traditionally been expensive, time consuming and messy.

Now, the door installation process has changed forever! New measuring technology, developed by HomeStory, revolutionizes the way doors are replaced, allowing doors to be installed in minutes rather than hours. Using a special measuring device, each door is measured to the existing jamb for a custom fit.  Because of this level of accuracy and customization, the doors fit great and can be painted in the factory rather than in the home.  Most of the work is done off-site prior to installation. As a result, doors can be installed quickly and easily with no construction and no mess, and HomeStory’s designer doors are already painted. 

Replacing your front door came out at the top of Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, which compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects, and the value they retain at resale. It has also consistently maintained the number one upgrade since 2009 when it was added to the list. For homeowners, interior designers, realtors, property managers and other industry professionals, interior door replacement is now an excellent choice and value for their budget.

So, if you are looking for big changes that fit your vision for a reasonable price, think about the transformation interior doors can make. Homeowners repeatedly say they love how new doors have updated the look of their property. They are also pleased at the wide selection of door designs HomeStory has available, including specialty French, glass and mirrored doors. They also offer a wide selection of custom locksets and hinges designed to please a wide range of tastes.

You can go online to learn about HomeStory’s Designer Program and their premium products. Or, visit them at one of their showrooms where you’ll experience their designs and learn about their easy installation process. They even remove the old doors when finished. For more information or to view their online gallery of doors and hardware, go to  


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