10 Technology Tools & Tips for Interior Designers by Gail Doby

One of my favorite tools is LinkedIn because it allows you to develop relationships within your community. 

Who is on Linkedin? 238 million users in 200 countries. You may not care about being widely connected outside of your hometown, but you never know when you need a referral or connection in another state or country.

Why is LinkedIn such a good place to be for interior designers? Our Design Success University LinkedIn group is a place where you can get advice and suggestions about challenges with your business.

You can also get the inside scoop on key influencers in your metro area. Who does that include?
  • Movers and shakers like top executives with corporations in your area
  • Realtors – these are the people that facilitate the buying and selling of properties in your area. If your firm focuses on commercial design, then you will want to connect with the commercial brokers and agents
  • Financial planners – they work with affluent people
  • Estate attorneys – the same
  • Local politicians – they know everyone
  • Local or regional media – writers, editors, etc.
  • Service providers that deal with affluent clients like personal trainers, stylists (hair and clothes), boutique shop owners, personal shoppers, personal assistants, personal chefs

Start building a strong strategic network:
  1. Create your own group of people that work with or could benefit from having a connection with you – you’ll be seen as a leader in your area.
  2. Reach out and make individual connections with a target list of people you want to know.
Remember – the information you get before a meeting with a prospect could be invaluable. You’ll find out who they know, and that alone will help you build a spider web of connections.


Gail Doby, ASID, is the Co-Founder and Chief Vision officer of Design Success University – your shortcut to a more profitable interior design business. Be sure to download your complimentary copy of the 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook. ($179 Value)


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