Capturing Color: 2014 Color Forecast from Sherwin-Williams

As interior designers well know, the state of color is always fluid — rushing forward, gathering influences from the world around us. The Sherwin-Williams color forecast team surveys these powerful, swirling currents to capture a picture for you.

Looking forward to 2014, we’re captivated by soft feminine hues veiled in translucent simplicity. And by mysterious tones that evoke the deepest recesses of earth and our own psyches. Authenticity resonates anew, pulling us toward vivid colors that remind us of folkloric traditions and handcraft. And to set off those hues — and give them a bit of breathing room — we’re gravitating to cool neutrals, the color of shadows and fog. 

These four distinct palettes reflect the influences of the world around us: from rich, luminous and luxurious to mysterious, elemental and earthy.

Photography by Don Freeman, courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Gray is the new black, and math is the new sexy. We’re in a global race to acquire knowledge, especially in the hard sciences. As we embrace our inner geek, we’re also celebrating the quantifiable world’s impact on design: using geometry and 3D printing to create patterns and shapes in which shadows, negative space and tone on tone are as important as the structure itself.

As the global melting pot slowly blends the world into one stew, there’s growing interest in preserving individual cultural traditions — before it’s too late. Native peoples are looking inward rather than outward, with a new appreciation of their own origins and crafts. Handmade lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing techniques lend an earthy, folkloric aesthetic to this new Bohemianism.

Picture a pearl veiled by chiffon: a soft gleam behind gossamer fabric. It’s a luxurious image, but luxury isn’t what lures us to it. Instead, it’s the exquisite, spiritual balance of simplicity, delicate colors and strength tempered by softness. Today we experience this gently blurred duality all around us, from the menswear influences on feminine clothes, to the soft-touch materials on electronic gadgets.

Something’s brewing on the spectrum. It’s a strange new elixir, where mad science meets fantasy, and sweet dreams overlap with feverish nightmares. Bio-design, inspired by nature at the molecular level, brings weirdly organic patterns, textures and colors into the mix, inviting us to see strange things in intriguing new ways. Oddities are now objects of fascination, even desire. The bizarre has never been more beautiful.

Behind the Scenes
Now that you’ve seen the color-forecast palettes, meet the Sherwin-Williams color forecast team — each with a different area of expertise — and learn about the influences they found noteworthy.

Plus, go behind the scenes of our colormix™ 2014 photo shoot with Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing Jackie Jordan, and hear her thoughts on this year’s approach.

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