16 Business Apps for the iPad - By Debbie Green

Here are my top 16 business apps for the iPad. I have hyperlinked each app to the iTunes App Store. Make sure you keep all of your apps up-to-date. It’s amazing how many enhancements the developers add at no cost. If you can’t find an app, wait a month or two and search again. New iPad apps are developed and launched everyday. Why use an app instead of visiting a website? iPad apps are specifically designed and formatted to fit the screen size of the iPad and the features and functions are tappable. Is that a word? It is now!

Special Note: There are several apps that are not native iPad apps. The iPad version may still be in development. However, you can still use an app designed for the iPhone by simply clicking on the x2 button in the bottom right corner to enlarge the screen when you open the app. Using the x2 button can make the text appear blurry. :(

My favorite business apps:
  • iBooks (Free) This is a must have app. You can read books or pdfs with this app. TIP: Save pdf files to iBooks by dragging them into your iTunes account under Books.
  • Evernote (Free) This is a great app to store all types of miscellaneous information i.e. Images, articles, screenshots from websites. Register for the desktop version and it syncs your files with the iPad app.
  • Photogene,($2.99) Photopal, ($2.99) ColorSplash ($1.99) These are all great photo editing apps. I have all three and use Photogene and Photopal for general photo editing. ColorSplash is a unique photo enhancer that allows you to highlight color on selected objects in a photo.
  • SaiSuke ($9.99) Synchronize your Google Calendar with this app. The format is very eye pleasing and super easy to use.
  • Bank of America (Free) If you’re a BOA customer you’ll love this app, if not search the iTunes App Store for your bank’s app. You’ll love having quick access to your banking information in iPad format.
  • Xfinity (Free) We are a Comcast Business customer, they provide our high-speed internet and phone service. I love the fact that I can check voice mails from my iPad. I know you may or may not be a Comcast customer; search the iTunes App Store for your phone and internet provider.
  • Xmarks* (Free) This app enables you to access your FireFox Bookmark Toolbar from your iPad. If I want to visit one of my saved Bookmarks that I saved on my desktop, I open the Xmarks app and voila there are all the Bookmarks I have saved on my desktop and laptop computers. I have saved over 60 websites on my Bookmark Toolbar. (Love this app)
  • LastPass* (Free) This app is a great tool to store login info and passwords. You must subscribe to Premium account. $12 per year for LastPass Premium and $20 per year for both Xmarks & LastPass Premium. Worth every penny!
  • Linkedin (Free) Connect with other business owners. Every listing you and your business have on the web gets you ranked higher in search engines.
  • Friendly Plus (2.99 cents) Great and easy to use app for all of us that use Facebook.
  • Dropbox (Free) This app allows you to access all your synced Dropbox files on your iPad. (LOVE this app)
  • QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite ($7.99) This app allows you to open your Microsoft Office documents. I access all of my Microsoft Office Documents from my Dropbox folders. My favorite part is that it allows me to view my PowerPoint presentations.
  • RDP iTap Mobile ($11.99) This is a Remote Desktop App which enables all Studio Online subscribers to use all of the features and functions in Studio.
  • Hunter Douglas (Free) This app allows you to take a photo of your client’s room and then you can select a Hunter Douglas shade and adjust it to fit inside their window.
  • Square (Free) If you would like to take credit cards but don’t want to incur the monthly fees this app could be just the ticket. Card reader is free with a flat fee of 2.75% for swiped transactions. There is an app for both the iPhone & iPad.
  • Gotomeeting (Free) You must have this app if you join webinars. Very easy to join meetings on the go or in your office when you want to take advantage of your extra screen.
An iPad is like having three devices in one; it’s an iPod, an electronic book reading device and a computer all in one very sleek package.

Debbie Green has been president of Dandelion Interiors, Inc. since its inception in 1983. She has developed numerous design products and graphic design software, which are now under the corporate umbrella of Minutes Matter Solutions, Inc. and are sold internationally. Debbie tours the country educating designers and sharing her creative, innovative ideas. She also presents seminars on implementing today’s technology.


  1. There are so many apps for the iPad, but these are my favorite. The trick to getting the most from your iPad is using it often and soon it will become second nature. It will be something you can't leave home without.

  2. Thanks Debbie for your words of wisdom! We are looking forward to your iPad gadgets and updates in April!

  3. Hi Debbie, it seems those apps are essentials and a must have if you have a business running online or through offline. As for me, I cannot live without dropbox and skype app on my phone.

    Anyway, thanks for this app lists!


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