What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Clients?

Take just a few minutes to answer these questions:

1. Do you "assume" your prospects want to spend money on furnishings because they live in an expensive neighborhood and/or drive a luxury car? 
____Yes   ____ No 

2. Do you ask if your prospect or client wants to do their own shopping before you start your project? ____Yes   ____ No

3. Do you charge by the hour with a mark-up for all projects? ____Yes   ____ No

4. Do you find out who is involved in making the financial decisions on their design projects and make sure that all decision-makers attend the first meeting as well as the meeting to discuss your proposal? ____Yes   ____ No

5. Do you send your proposals by email or mail instead of meeting with the client to review them? ____Yes   ____ No

6. Do you answer their design-related questions before you have a contract? 
____Yes   ____ No

7. Do you use a contract for all jobs, and has it been reviewed by an attorney that understands the design business? ____Yes   ____ No

8. Do you provide educational materials to your prospects to explain how you work?____Yes   ____ No

9. Do you educate your clients on your website about your process? 
____Yes   ____ No

10. Do you set expectations before and during the project? ____Yes   ____ No

Answer Key:

1. Yes = 1;  No = 0
2. Yes = 1;  No = 0
3. Yes = 0;  No = 1
4. Yes = 1;  No = 0
5. Yes = 0;  No = 1
6. Yes = 0;  No = 1
7. Yes = 1;  No = 0
8. Yes = 1;  No = 0
9. Yes = 1;  No = 0
10. Yes = 1;  No = 0

9 – 10 correct: You are a rock star
8 or below correct: You need to make some changes now!

“Thank you so much for the amazing webinar, while there were so many great ideas, the one I liked the most and will implement immediately is to meet the prospects at a coffee shop as I am one of the designers who enjoys my work so much I tend to give away my services.  What I learned will prevent that.” -  Debrah Boucher, DB Interiors, CA 

We see many designers make mistakes like these that cost them to lose prospects, clients, fees, and sleep. Click here if you want to find out How to Avoid Fee Fiascos … And Attract Your Ideal Client. Register for Design Success University’s free call and you’ll never make these or the other mistakes other designers make again! 

“Fabulous presentation ... also really like the idea of testimonial saying that I helped the client stay on budget and on task.”  - Jodi Swartz, Newton, MA  

Gail Doby, ASID, DSA & IDS – Gail is an author, speaker, interior designer and business coach that loves construction design and remodeling.  She is NCIDQ certified with a degree in Finance & Banking as well as Interior Design.  Gail started her career with a Fortune 500 company in Sales and Marketing and has been involved in the home furnishings industry for 36 years.


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